A call to all business owners, stop managing your time and start managing your tasks.  We all get 1,440 minutes a day and how we utilize this limited resource is up to us in managing the growth of our business(s). The problem is, most will tell you to manage your time, which is like telling someone to manage the amount of air they breathe in and out.

Feeling overwhelmed and not being able to find enough time to gain traction in growing your business is a common concern for most. As you read this article, think about people you know that have attended “time management” courses and have come out with a “changed life”, now being able to manage their time more effectively? Not many, unfortunately, if any!  The reason being, that our brains don’t perceive time as tangible and for that reason can’t manage this resource effectively. 

Alternatively, if we focused on the tasks/actions we need to complete to achieve our objectives, we are more likely to come to the surface and start to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. This will increase productivity and most importantly your effectiveness in achieving massive impact on what you set out to do.

With the time resource available to us, we must decide what objective(s) need to be achieved in a day, week, month or year.  Most business owners if asked, can’t distinguish what is most “important” and most “urgent.” Consequently, they end up with a laundry list of “things” to do resulting in everything seeming important and urgent, which commonly results in very little getting done, making little impact in/on the business and resulting in them feeling like no progress is being made and psychologically feeling overwhelmed, trapped and ineffective.

Understanding what actions are most “important” and most “urgent” is critical in determining what order things need to get done. The biggest challenge will be the emotional conflict you must work through in separating what’s most important and urgent from what’s not at a given point in time.

If you are suffering from being overwhelmed and not making progress or impact you want in your business and life in general, I strongly suggest you reach out to Workplaces for a conversation. If you’re ready to dedicate your mental focus on “task management” as opposed to “time management,” I promise you that you will turn things around in a hurry and ask yourself why you hadn’t tried this before.