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Coaching + Consulting = Business Building Success

Workplaces will help you grow your business. We provide a combined approach to business consulting and coaching. Rather than just diagnosing your business and providing a list of “to-dos,” we stay with you, ensuring that new solutions are implemented successfully and in a meaningful way, producing positive results. We provide Edmonton business consulting services, specializing in small business. 

We focus on the four business building blocks, money, time, systems, and people. Find ways to manage your business’ money and financial systems, set priorities and increase efficiency, implement effective systems, and manage the people involved in your business.

Start making a profit without the pain and put your mind at ease when it comes to money.

Learn to stop managing “time” and start managing action. Start to truly manage the priorities that save you time.


Implement results-driven systems throughout your business that work.

Build and leverage your people assets by boosting your leadership and management effectiveness.

Business Building Combines

the Power of Coaching and Consulting

We are business owners like you who have built and grown companies. We are best-in-class Business Builders because we’ve learned the lessons and have and continue to be successful. We are on a mission to ensure you know the secrets to scaling up, starting up, and fixing up a business that produces simplistic, sophisticated, and affordable results.

We partner with business owners in navigating the business challenges they’re facing driving business results and overall profitability.

Whether you want to scale up, start up or need to fix up your business, we are here to support and guide you through this and ensure you see the results you want. With Workplaces, you’ll experience:

Increased Clarity

Know the solutions that give you results and the rewards that come with successful execution.

More Control

Know what lies behind the corner and reduce your risk as you grow your business.

Focused Execution

Know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

Sustained Results

See your results not just today but results tomorrow and in the future.

"Where do I stand?"

Find Out Where Your

Business Is At

"Bruce came to me at a point in my life where I had lost my long term business partner. Not only were we able to steer my habits and mindset in a way that has allowed me to OWN being the only DECISION MAKER of my company but we also implemented strategies that allowed my business to run even smoother than it was when he started."

"We have been working with Bruce for roughly 7 months now and it has been a life changing experience the whole way through to present and I look forward to continuing having Bruce involved with our team throughout our future."

"I was looking for something different. They had a classy skeleton in a suit and said they were different right on their homepage. After meeting with Bruce and Nathan, I knew they were a match that could both handle our business needs and not load me down on catchphrases. I look forward to working with Bruce & the rest of the team in the future."

Matt Vincent
"The team at Workplaces has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. They really set themselves apart from the rest with their unique approach to coaching. We quickly learned that accountability is KEY. They have been always a phone call away if needed. Nathan and Bruce quickly became a trusted source for advice."

Brittini Hostyn
"I have been working with Bruce and Nathan from Workplaces for over 6 months now and found them and Workplaces to be truly a value-added company with a sole purpose is to serve and assist. I have found them to go far above and beyond meeting my initial expectations."

Bert McEwen
"I've known Bruce now for approximately 6 years and have worked with him on several projects. He has always provided incredible service and great advice. If you're looking for a great Business Builder to help you strengthen the foundation of your business and strategically expand Bruce is an excellent choice."

Matthew Birch
"Through Bruce's coaching and advice, I gained confidence in my offerings and was able to grow my business substantially. Bruce has an uncanny way of being able to compartmentalize all the elements of your business and then simplify them so that your path forward becomes much clearer."

Elissa Fesyk
"It's been almost 3/4 of a year since working with Bruce and Nathan at Workplaces. The coaching and help these two brought to my company as an owner-operator are the sole reason I am still in business today."

Levi Lennie
"I have been so impressed by Bruce and his team at Business Builders. They not only go above and beyond for their clients but they look at the WHOLE aspect of the business including you! I was able to gain more clarity, move away from being in constant fight or flight, and they helped me to look at the bigger financial picture."

DeeAnne Riendeau
"Great Experience. We have been through things such as this before with our company and when the President asked us to do this again we all rolled our eyes and resented it. After meeting with Bruce and his team and completing some exercises my opinion changed, as did the rest of our team's opinion."

Mike Durdle
"From the beginning, WORKPLACES has taken the time to understand our business and our expectations, then crafted a plan to help us achieve those expectations. The team at WORKPLACES has been professional, organized and fun to work with."

Matthew Birch
"I have had the pleasure of working with Workplaces on a personal level as well as on a professional level. Workplaces was hired by our company to provide various Human Resource solutions, which were completed in a timely fashion."

Anita Kosowski
"Bruce Baker is brilliant. I have had the amazing experience of being in 2 organizations where he provided guidance and direction to help move the organizations to where they needed to be. Bruce cuts through the clutter and sees what's really going on, and develops key insights to move your organization forward."

Rich Horning
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