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Implementing systems requires both technical expertise and an outstanding business coach.

How many people do you know who have read multiple business books, have taken numerous business courses, and have successfully implemented these solutions in their businesses?

Our guess is not many.

Business consultants and coaches serve different purposes and are not as effective when used by themselves. A Business Consultant is a subject matter expert who engages a business, diagnoses the issues, supports implementation and leaves. Business owners are often left with a pile of instructions, a gigantic bill, and no idea how to move forward.

On the other hand, Coaches are meant to cultivate the business owner’s or business’s collective mindset to execute what has been advised by the Consultant.

Workplaces provides a combined model of consulting (technical expertise) and coaching (facilitates mindset to execute), ensuring you and your business get the results required. By standing with you, the business owner, every step of the way makes this process a potently effective system.

Understanding Your

Business’ Symptoms

Managing the constraints in a system (s) begins with identifying the constraint, releasing or minimizing it and making the improvement (s) stick. Many focus on the outcome of the system not being favourable (i.e., the symptom) rather than the factors leading to the cause of the undesirable result in the first place.

One powerful way to eliminate unnecessary business complexity is by designing and implementing systems. Many ongoing business symptoms like negative cash flow, reduced sales, and unhappy people (i.e., business owners, customers, employees, and vendors) result from a system constraint or no systems! With Workplaces, we’ll implement simple yet effective systems ensuring efficiency and a profitable business.

Increase Efficiency

and Profitability

Systems are meant to help you manage your business, simple as that. Without proper business systems, you’ll find yourself bleeding money, running around with no apparent purpose, and wondering where your profits and time have gone. With Workplaces, you’ll find ways you reduce operational challenges and loss of time and money, increasing your business’ efficiency and profitability.


People Systems

Every transaction that makes up a business’s profit and loss occurs because of interactions between individuals. Being able to leverage and utilize these interactions is an integral part of implementing successful business systems. Managing the people in your business, whether that’s customers, your employees, or yourself, is not just good common sense but good financial sense. Don’t allow the management of human resource assets in the business to become a necessary evil of legal and policy compliance. This does not lead to increased revenue and wealth creation for any business. By installing people systems in your business, you’ll go beyond the necessary and find your business flourishing.


I have business systems in place but need to leverage them to increase overall business profitability.


I want to make sure my business has the critical systems that set me up for success over the long term.


My business is inefficient and not profitable; I need new systems to help my business produce the results I need.

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