Motivation Will Get You Started, But Habits Will Keep You Going

We all know being inspired and motivated is important. In fact, it’s often the driving force behind new ventures in business and life. Studies go as far to say that the driving force behind success in business is not smarts, it is not talent, but it is energy levels and being resilient. So, bottom-line, it’s incredibly important to make your stand and remain motivated not because something seems appealing but because it still inspires you to continue to take massive action!

Realistically, being “motivated” constantly is a fleeting notion. It is not always possible to maintain 100% motivation levels 24/7; we are humans after all. This said there is a driving force that is even more powerful than motivation, and that is maintaining the habits and the actions that inspired you to be motivated in the first place.

Using the above to change behaviours creates long-term positive habitual actions.  These actions in themselves create an ongoing drive/motivation which leads to high-level execution the achievement of our objectives and overall goals. 

It’s far more effective to create and sustain the right habitual actions than to rely on motivation levels which can at times, let us down. Remember, changing behaviours doesn’t take overnight. Keeping in mind that most will take 21-90 days on average to change a behaviour consistently to make it a habit.

In conclusion, have the pig-headed discipline to make this a reality in your life and business and follow the 5-steps below to get what you want:

  1. Start off by being inspired that calls you to take massive action.
  2. ACT!
  3. Drive new behaviours that show massive results.
  4. Use the success of your action (s) to drive you to make these new behaviours habits.
  5. Achieve the way you deserve to achieve!

If you are a complete “geek” like me, have a look at this study published in Forbs: The Science Behind Success and Motivation by Eric Barker