82 Best Business Ideas For New Entrepreneurs [2023 Edition]

Technology has made starting your own small business easy, affordable, and possible. All you need to start a company online is a phone, a computer, an internet connection, and a domain name.

The biggest challenge, however, is coming up with a viable and unique small business idea.

Ideally, a perfect small business idea should fulfill three important criteria:

  1. It should be something you like doing,
  2. It should be something you are good at, and
  3. It should be something that is in demand (i.e., people would pay for).

To help get you started we’ve come up with a list of online– and offline-based profitable business ideas that are easy to start and in demand.

We have categorized each idea as follows:

Business typeOnline or OfflineIs this opportunity available in the real world or in cyberspace?
InvestmentLow or high investmentHow much money does it cost to start this business?
Earning PotentialLow or High valueHow much can you realistically expect to earn?

We also indicate which ideas are well-suited to (1) stay-at-home moms and dads (2) undergraduate students and (3) teenagers and kids.

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What Are Good B2B Business Services Ideas?

1. Online Bookkeeping

Just like so many other professions, bookkeeping has gone online. This is great news for many bookkeepers and accountants who feel trapped in the office environment and long for more personal freedom and the ability to work during their own hours.

With easy-to-use accounting software and appointment-setting tools available, it’s never been easier to set up and manage client accounts.

  • Business type: Online
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: Low value ⬇︎
  • Good for: Stay-at-home ✔

2. Business Broker

A business broker is someone who assists the transaction between buyers and sellers. They must have adequate training and comprehensive knowledge of business law and standard practices in their respective industry. Business brokers are rewarded with commissions for the sales they make.

3. Office Space Rental

Office sharing is a booming industry that’s largely driven by the needs of young entrepreneurs who are creating the next Google or Amazon.

If you already own a suitable property, then you will only have to bear relatively low startup costs. However, if that’s not the case, you are looking at a substantial investment.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

4. Virtual Call Center Operator

Unlike regular call centers, virtual call centers often employ people from all parts of the world, who then make money by working from their homes. You can be sitting in your dorm room and the person you are talking to could still think that they are talking directly with someone who is physically present in the company.

5. Language Translation

Despite the impressive advancements of machine translation, the demand for skilled translators is still very high and will probably remain so for quite some time.

You can start looking for work on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork and slowly build your clientele. It’s also a good idea to directly contact popular bloggers or a freelance writing business and ask them if they would consider having their blog work translated into another language.

6. Importing Electronic OEM Gadgets

If you look at top selling items on Amazon or eBay, you will probably notice that many of them are imported. The formula is fairly simple: you purchase your initial inventory, create a brand, and then market and advertise your products online.

You can even use drop-shipping or Amazon fulfillment services to do the whole thing and increase your average order value without a physical warehouse.

7. Online shop

Opening an online e-commerce store is just as viable a way to make a living as it was a decade ago. Yes, the completion is tougher, but you have access to a wide range of free tools that you can use to set everything up with very little effort.

With a platform like Shopify and providers like Domain.com, you’ll get everything you need to create and launch an online shop, including Shopify’s new AI (artificial intelligence) “assistant” named Kit. Kit can handle most of your marketing for you.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers promote products made by other people and then earn commissions on their sales. Amazon is currently the most popular platform for affiliate marketing, but there are many alternatives as well. Affiliate marketing is often combined with blogging to create a seamless mix of content and promotion.

9. Data Analyst Consulting

With the rise of big data, an increasing number of companies need to make sense of heaps of information to adjust their overall business strategies. A data analyst is someone who has the technical expertise to do this and often has a background in economics, mathematics, or finance.

Data analysts who work for large international corporations can earn more than enough money to support extravagant lifestyles.

  • Business type: Online
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

10. Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

Marketing has gone digital, and it’s the job of digital marketing campaign managers to produce the best results possible.

You can start your career as a digital marketing campaign manager by studying freely available online resources and experimenting on your own.

You’ll need to understand things like advertising, SEO, landing pages, calls to action, and social media management (including the use of Facebook and Facebook Live). Once you know what you are doing, try cold-calling local businesses, asking them whether they would be interested in your services.

11. Niche Website Owner

New trends start every day, and some of them grow to be pop culture sensations. Your job as a niche website owner is to capture the market before it gets too saturated.

Creating a niche website (using WordPress) will allow you to secure your place on the very top of search engines, resulting in thousands of daily visitors. Using a tool like StudioPress can make this even easier. Blogging will grow your audience.

Ready to begin? Step one is choosing the right host. SiteGround is one of our favorite web hosts and currently our top recommendation.

12. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to be relevant on the web.

A capable SEO expert can turn a dying business into a prosperous operation in a matter of months. No wonder then that the best SEO professionals can earn as much as seasoned software developers.

13. Business Incubator

The role of a business incubator is to help new companies and startups plan and start small businesses successfully. A typical business incubator will provide clients with management training, office space, high-speed internet connectivity, and other necessities.

You don’t have to think too big – being a small, local incubator can be the perfect place to start.

14. Security Services

We live in turbulent times, so it’s no surprise that the demand for security services is rising at a steady pace.

Such security services can work either offline (home and personal security) or online.

The online side of things deals with identity theft, protection against doxing, or general information security.

What Are Good Idea for Arts and Media Businesses?

15. Self-Publishing

Some self-published authors earn as much as $100k yearly. You can achieve the same kind of success — and all you need is a few freely available tools and the ability to write a compelling book that will sell.

Of course, you don’t have to earn six figures to succeed with self-publishing. Just a few hundred extra dollars every month can go a long way. Many self-publishers begin with freelance writing or a simple website, relying on web hosts like Bluehost to help them get started.

16. Social Media Consultant

This business is ideal for someone who knows how to use social media to obtain business objectives. You can specialize (e.g., in running ads on Facebook and other social media platforms), or you can be a generalist social media manager who can navigate LinkedIn, Snapchat stories, Twitter, and more social media accounts. Social media tools make this management easier.

While some social media consultants can earn big bucks, most can only manage to earn an average wage.

17. Content Writer

Businesses of all sizes embrace content marketing as their primary way of attracting customers and establishing their position as market leaders.

A content writer should be able to quickly digest complex topics and turn them into engaging posts that are well optimized for search engines. As such, it’s great for people who know a little bit about everything.

18. Podcasting

Podcasting is a fantastic way to make a few bucks on the side for anyone who deals with interesting or niche topics that are suitable for this format.

Do you like video games or ethnic music? Interested in startups and entrepreneurship? There are definitely plenty of people just like you, who would look forward to hearing your show on their way to work or school.

19. Blogging

Blogging is alive and thriving in 2023. It’s still free to get started, but you must be patient: it will take a while to get exposure and grow your audience. These days, the competition is fierce. There are over 1.90 billion websites and over 200 million are active. Good knowledge of SEO is essential, as is the ability to create excellent content.

If you need a platform for blogging, you can easily create your own website with an affordable web host like Dreamhost.

20. YouTube Stardom

PewDiePie is one of the biggest YouTube stars with over 111 million subscribers. His journey to stardom started in his room with a humble webcam and one simple Let’s Play video, which he does to this day.

Beyond live game streaming, there are still vast, unexplored seas filled with opportunities for anyone on YouTube who dares to go after them.

21. Handmade Goods

If you are a crafty person, you should take a look at Etsy, the largest online market for homemade and vintage goods.

You will find an amazing mix of leather wallets, lamps made from river wood, unique hand-printed t-shirts, jewelry, organic soup, and countless other things. Top sellers often expand beyond the platform, creating their own brands and opening stores across the globe. Keep in mind that you can sell your products on more than one site, including platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.

22. Antique Refurbishment

If you like working with wood and beautiful, valuable objects in general but don’t have the creative talent to make your own, antique refurbishing could be your ticket to success.

Depending on what you do exactly, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to get started, but you will need to travel across the country to get the best pieces on which to work you can.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: Low value ⬇︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

23. WordPress Themes

Are you a web developer or designer who earns passive income from a side business? If so, creating WordPress themes might be the right path for you. You can sell your themes on websites like Envato Market.

Once your theme is finished, you will still need to provide customers with ongoing support and continue to work on updates, but you can do so when you please.

24. Makeup Artist

This profession is one of the few that you can start working on in your bedroom and end up on the set of a Hollywood movie just a few years down the road.

What’s more, makeup artists can take advantage of platforms such as YouTube and make their content visible to billions of people from all over the world.

25. Image Consultant

You are probably wondering who needs an image consultant. Many companies and individuals rely on their images, making it worthwhile to hire someone to manage theirs.

The best image consultants are people with a proven track record of success, and inside knowledge of their particular industry.

  • Business type: Online/Offline
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

26. E-Magazine

These days it’s easy to start an e-magazine; you can outsource everything online and act as the chief editor.

The subscription model allows you to know exactly how much money you will make the next month, and the global nature of the web gives you a very large audience to target.

27. Drone Videographer

If you like piloting drones, perhaps you should consider working as a drone videographer. You get to go to interesting places, meet cool people, and eventually develop a portfolio that could land you a job in Hollywood or a high-paying company in the real estate industry.

Professional drones are very expensive, but you can start small with a mid-sized drone and a GoPro camera and go from there.

28. Graphic Design Artist

A graphic designer may create digital or print design work, like website design and print layouts. Many freelance graphic designers work small jobs (like logo design) on gig websites like Upwork. Competition can be fierce.

You can expect to make anywhere from $15/hour to $300/hour. Developing an impressive portfolio can help you earn more.

29. Subscription Service Owner

The main advantage of the subscription model is its predictable nature.

As the number of your subscribers rises, you will know exactly how much you can expect to earn every month.

The largest subscription services in the world are well-oiled machines that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

What Are Good Education-Related Business Opportunities?

30. Language Teacher

For a long time, language teaching has been the go-to side business to make money for students and even full-time high school or university teachers. Now, with Skype and ubiquitous internet access, everyone can start teaching languages from the comfort of their home.

You don’t even have to know any foreign languages yourself – there are many advanced learners who are happy just to practice their conversation skills.

31. Online Teaching

The success of Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman “Sal” Khan, has proven the efficacy of online teaching and paved the way for talented educators and their students.

You can sell your expertise as video content on YouTube, or create your own website and charge your students on an hourly basis for Skype lessons.

32. Online Course Creator

One of the most popular platforms where people can access massive open online courses (MOOCs), Coursera, has more than 100 million users, who are hungry for knowledge. Such courses go far beyond the traditional high school curriculum.

If you have any skill at all that you think people might be interested in, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go. All it takes is a web camera, capture software, and basic editing skills.

What Are Good Hospitality and Food Services Business Ideas?

33. Hostel Owner

With services like Airbnb, everyone can turn their house, garage, or just a single room into a unique accommodation for tourists and travelers from all around the world.

The platform takes care of the initial exposure and provides a way for owners and clients to communicate. If you happen to own a house in a very attractive destination, you can even expect to earn good money.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

34. Event Planner

The internet has enabled people to connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe, creating the best small business opportunity for event planners.

Event planning requires organizational skills to manage an event like a wedding or a trade show. Money can then be made from entrance fees, sponsorships, on-premise sales to attendees, and more.

35. Food Truck

Do you like to cook and always like coming up with new, creative ideas? Then opening a food truck might be just for you.

Even if you can hardly make tea, you can still get in the food truck business. Simply hire other people to do what you can’t or are not willing to do yourself and become the brain of the operation.

36. Catering Business

These days, starting a catering business is all about finding the right niche. You can specialize in any type of food you like, any type of clients, and any type of venue.

Perhaps you would like to cater to young professionals who want to organize networking events, or you would like to be known as the go-to caterer for children’s parties – there’s nothing stopping you.

37. Craft Beer Brewing

Producing small amounts of beer has recently turned into a popular hobby and fantastic business opportunity.

You will need to invest in equipment, acquire the necessary knowledge, and possibly even employ a handful of people to help you with the entire initiative. But seeing the finished product being served to customers in your favorite pub will be a wonderful reward.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

38. Espresso Cart

Your first espresso cart could be a start of a much larger business. The key is to not actually spend your time selling the coffee and, instead, employing someone else to do the job.

You can then focus on growing your fleet of espresso carts and moving the business in the right direction.

39. Gluten-Free Bakery

Just like a regular bakery, only gluten-free! While starting a very small home bakery won’t cost you much, a larger commercial operation is expensive.

Luckily, you can get the necessary equipment for a competitive price if you search for used commercial components online. Learn how to use blogging to increase awareness of your business and grow revenue.

40. Organic Vending Machines

Vending machines are not exactly in vogue, but there’s still one niche that could end up being extremely profitable: organic vending machines. Where else can you get your favorite granola bar at any time of the day?

This business is most suitable for high-traffic areas in affluent parts of larger cities.

41. Guided Tours

Are you situated in a popular tourist destination? If so, you may consider yourself lucky.

Starting a guided tours business can be a good opportunity. You can use it to make extra money during the summer, or it can be the start of a much larger business that employs other people to work as guides. Consider setting up a website that enables people to book tours online.

42. Organic Food Catering

Organic food catering is such a popular and lucrative niche in the catering business that it deserves to be mentioned on its own.

You should establish close ties with local farmers to ensure a steady supply of organic products. Then it’s just about acquiring the right equipment and marketing your services.

43. Organic Café

Being an owner of a small café definitely sounds like a wonderful experience. In fact, the only thing that sounds even better is being an owner of an organic café.

The main advantage of organic cafés is that you can charge premium prices for the items on your menu.

What Are Good Technology Business Ideas?

44. Mobile application developer

Mobile applications are more popular than ever, and people are willing to pay good money for ways to manage their lives from their smartphones.

If you have a great idea and know how to code, you can run with it and create your app yourself.

If you just have an idea and need graphic design, there are plenty of software developers looking to collaborate with people on app creation.

45. Custom Drone Builder

After a teenager won $250,000 by piloting his drone to victory in Dubai’s World Drone Prix, the first global drone-racing event in history, it’s clear that this new sport will be huge in the future.

Because professional drone racers need professional custom-built drones, now is the perfect time to establish your name as a custom drone builder.

46. VR/AR Application Developer

The virtual reality software market is expected to reach $29.17 billion in revenue during  2022-2026. A good chunk of that revenue could be in your pocket.

All you have to do is learn how to develop immersive VR and AR experiences. The internet is full of resources and communities of like-minded people to help you along the way.

Video: Get an introduction to virtual reality by creating a VR app for Android in 15 minutes.

47. IoT Service Provider

Likewise, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid rate, and it appears that soon every device will be connected to the cloud. Businesses and organizations of all sizes will need someone to provide them with the necessary infrastructure, hardware sensors, and continuous support.

  • Business type: Online
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

48. VR Arcade Owner

The very first batch of VR arcades is just starting to pop up in some of the world’s largest cities.

Virtual reality is the perfect fit for arcades and could really bring a new life to this dying business. The technology is still not 100% there, but it probably will be soon.

49. Indoor Drone Racing

Drone racing is expected to be a multimillion-dollar sport within the next few years.

If you have a suitable indoor venue where you could host races or let people practice their flying skills, you should definitely consider giving this business a try. Additional income could be made from posting the footage online.

50. Electric Charging Station Provider

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation and electric vehicle charging stations are the backbone of this revolution.

If you own a highly frequented property, you might consider installing a charger and offering it to EV drivers for a small fee.

51. Energy Auditor

Green energy solutions can lead to dramatic savings, allowing some people to completely drop from the grid.

As an energy auditor, you will help businesses and individual home and apartment owners find ways they could decrease their energy footprint as well as their monthly bills.

52. 3D Printing Services

3D printing is taking the world by storm, and you can be part of this revolution if you just invest in a high-quality 3D printer and offer it to other people.

They will simply send their projects for you to print and then come to pick them up or have them sent to them in a box.

If you’re experienced in a variety of software platforms, you’ll likely pick up 3D printing without serious challenges.

53. E-Bike Repair Services

E-bikes are finally starting to become affordable for the average consumer. But most traditional bike shops lack the necessary expertise that would allow them to service the often complex electronic components found inside.

If you feel up to the task, this could be a tremendous opportunity to become the biggest player in your local area.

54. Web Developer

As long as there will be a web, there will be a need for web developers.

Modern web development requires much more than just mastering HTML with CSS and perhaps, learning PHP or JavaScript. Any web developer who wants to be competitive must become familiar with various frameworks, supporting technologies, web designs, and trends.

Taking low-cost courses online is a good place to start.

55. SaaS Business Owner

Software-as-a-Service is a business modelin which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

It has the advantage of predictable monthly revenue and complete control over the entire project. But it takes time, skill, and effort to develop SaaS software.

56. Smart Home Contractor

Modern smart home solutions can do everything from remotely controlling light bulbs or  air-conditioning in your house to a health-monitoring application on your smartphone.

Because the possibilities are virtually endless, it takes someone who understands the industry to come up with the best solutions possible.

What Are Good Personal Services Business Ideas?

57. Barbershop Owner

For many barbers, opening a barbershop seems like the ideal next step in their careers. However, only experienced barbers should consider opening a barbershop.

The median barbershop owner’s salary is the same as the median barber’s salary: around $30,000/year. Owners who are also barbers can expect to make more. Barber websites should include a way for customers to book appointments online.

58. Dog Walker

Dog walking is a profession that usually involves walking the dog from its home and then returning back.

A dog walker can either be an individual or be part of a business like https://www.rover.com/become-a-sitter/Rover. He or she will be paid for walking or for pet sitting.

59. Career Coaching

The millennial generation faces a much tougher job market than any generation before. There’s no doubt that many will feel clueless about which direction they should take to maximize their chances of having a bright future ahead of them.

career coach can work either from an office or via the internet.

  • Business type: Online / Offline
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

60. Personal Shopper

Shopping for groceries, clothes, or electronic goods can eat up a lot of time. A personal shopper can help busy people reclaim this time in exchange for a small fee.

personal shopper can be someone who goes to stores in person, or it can be someone who gives online recommendations about which products the client should buy.

  • Business type: Offline/Online
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: Low value ⬇︎
  • Good for: Undergraduate students

61. Virtual assistant

The umbrella term “virtual assistant” refers to anyone who is paid to do a job for another person.

Let’s say that somebody runs an online shop. That person might need occasional help with getting through customers’ correspondence and questions.

A digital assistant works on an hourly basis and often serves multiple clients at the same time. The obvious limitation of this business is time itself.

62. Uber or Lyft Driver

Anyone who considers him– or herself to be a good driver can sign up with Uber or Lyft and make a good living driving people around town.

While working as an Uber driver may not sound like an exciting career, it’s certainly a great way to put food on the table when you find yourself in between jobs.

Enjoy driving? With Uber or Lyft, you can put your vehicle to work by driving locals or tourists around.

63. Mobile Laundry

Mobile laundry services can be the ideal extension of an existing laundry business. Anyone else will have to deal with high investment costsand relatively low returns.

In this day and age, it’s paramount to make the entire service as convenient as possible, which often means creating mobile applications and a website where customers can schedule deliveries and pickups.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: Low value ⬇︎

64. Mobile Pet Grooming

As more and more people are postponing the decision to have children, they turn their attention to their pets.

Many owners are willing to pay as much as several hundreds of dollars to give their beloved pets a makeover. If you start a pet grooming business, be sure to set up a website that enables visitors to book appointments online.

65. Fitness Instructor

Whether it’s because people fail to adhere to a strict fitness regimen or because new fad diets and fitness movements are cropping up on a regular basis, the demand for fitness instructors is always high.

Modern fitness instructors should definitely consider exploring the online space and perhaps recording a series of educational videos and posting them online.

Not only is this a fantastic marketing strategy, but it’s also a viable way to generate additional income.

66. Anti-Aging Spa

The quest for eternal youth is as old as the hills. Modern technology gives us new options to prolong our good looks and keep health problems at bay.

A good anti-aging spa will require a substantial investment and constant maintenance. The upside is that it will attract clients who have money to spare.

67. Decluttering Services

With the tremendous success of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, there has been a surge in demand for decluttering services.

People are in dire need to get rid of useless things that become an emotional burden.

This business is far from being just a cleaning service in disguise. More often than not, people will be unwilling to give up even what’s clearly just trash, so you must have a good understanding of human psychology as well.

68. Green Cleaning Services

The only thing that differentiates green cleaning services from regular cleaning services is the type of products used for the actual cleaning. But this simple thing can turn otherwise unattractive businesses into something highly desirable.

People in upscale neighborhoods are willing to pay a lot of extra money just to know they are helping to preserve the environment.

69. Beard Care Products

You can start your own beard care brand with just a few cheap ingredients that are available online. When you are able to create a good product, all you need to do is take care of its marketing and bulk manufacturing.

70. Tattoo Studio

Talented individuals can make a small fortune by opening their own tattoo studio and establishing themselves in the industry.

Some people are willing to travel across the world to get a tattoo from the artist they love. A substantial initial investment will be necessary. You’ll want to have a website that enables individuals to book appointments online. Be sure to engage in foreseeable risk management. You’ll need a deep understanding of how to prevent health risks associated with poorly executed tattoos and body piercings. Explore liability insurance and consider forming an LLC.

71. Pet Daycare

If you love animals and pet sitting and have enough room to spare in your house, you can start a pet daycare business.

There’s not much to it: pet owners leave their animals whenever they have to go out for a longer time, and your job is to provide them with everything they need and ensure that the pets will be happy.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

72. Pick & Drop Services

Pick and drop service is another type of business that combines modern technology with our constant need for more time.

It usually starts with a platform that automatically pairs clients with suitable pickers. From there, it’s all about completing assignments as you receive them.

73. CrossFit Gym

Opening any kind of gym can be a fantastic business, but CrossFit gyms are what’s currently “in.”

Compared to traditional gyms, CrossFit gyms don’t require overly expensive machines, as you get by with a high-quality set of barbells and squat racks.

74. Caretaker for Children

Even though you can start a childcare service from your home, you should still prepare for a large investment.

If you live in a large city, you should definitely consider catering to a niche group of parents and charging premium prices for your services.

You could focus only on children with specific allergies or serve only organic food.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

75. Solar Contractor

People are embracing solar energy and are even using it to become completely self-sufficient. Solar contractors help realize complex solar projects by supplying suitable equipment and ensuring that everything will be properly installed.

Background in electrical engineering is definitely recommended.

76. Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable landscaping business uses strategies to avoid negative environmental problems like excess stormwater run-off, drinking water pollution, and invasive species propagation.

Sustainable landscapes often feature shade structures and bike racks made from recycled materials, wireless irrigation systems, native grasses, and large, open areas for sports and leisure.

What Are Good Healthcare Business Ideas?

77. Medical Courier Service

This low-cost startup is an attractive option for those who are organized, responsible, and have a reliable vehicle. Medical couriers may deliver equipment, lab specimens, prescription drugs, documents, or even organs.

Couriers make an average of $36 an hour or over $70,000 a year. You can start as a sole driver and then expand by hiring other drivers. Consider forming an LLC.

78. Mobile Medical Application Developer

This is an opportunity for app developers with close ties to the healthcare industry and a knowledge of how it’s being shaped by AI and machine learning. Medical apps use monitoring, tracking, and rewards to improve user health.

App development costs can range widely: expect it to cost from $5,000 – $50,000. Beware: getting users to download and use apps can be challenging.

  • Business type: Online
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: Low value ⬇︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

79. Acupuncture Business

An acupuncturist can expect to make anywhere from $45,000 – $100,000 per year, depending on experience.

If you are already trained in acupuncture and choose to start your business by renting a room at a community acupuncture clinic, your startup costs should be low.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: Low investment ⬇︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆︎
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

80. Mobile Hearing Aid Specialist

With this business you can serve seniors in their homes, conducting hearing tests and providing them with the appropriate hearing aids. You may serve as the bridge between one or more audiologists or health centers and local clients.

The median salary for a hearing aid specialist is $50,000. Check your local state for licensure or certification requirements.

81. Respite Care For Baby Boomers

This business provides planned temporary relief to adult caregivers of elderly parents. This non-medical work may entail a few hours a week of assistance or stepping in while the caregiver takes a vacation.

Individual providers of respite care can expect to earn between $20 – $40/hour or an average of $54,000/year. You can start the business as a solo provider and then expand it into a highly profitable venture.

82. Growing Medical Marijuana

If you live in a state or country where medical marijuana is legal, you can consider starting your own growing operation.

The initial setup can be costly, but it’s relatively smooth sailing after that.

Your days will be spent taking care of a wonderful plant and helping people improve their health and well-being in general.

  • Business type: Offline
  • Investment: High investment ⬆︎
  • Potential: High value ⬆
  • Good for: Stay at home parents

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Appendix: Business Idea Categories

Below we’ve grouped the business ideas described in this article under the categories of:

  • Low startup costs or no-cost ideas.
  • Ideas for stay-at-home parents.
  • Ideas for undergraduate students.
  • Ideas for teens and kids.

List of Low-Cost or No-Cost Business Ideas

All low investment or no investment business ideas included in this article are organized here for easy comparison. They are linked to their descriptions above.

List of Online Business Ideas For Stay-at-Home Parents

We’ve taken all of the business ideas included in this article and generated this list of the ones that are particularly suitable for stay-at-home parents.

Some of these home-based businesses, like data analyst consultancy, require a background in the field. But most of these ideas do not. For example, you can teach yourself SEO, 3D printing, and how to run an online shop.

List of Business Ideas For Undergraduate Students

Here we’ve pulled together a list of those business ideas that are attractive for undergraduate students. Like the list above, some — like web developer — require previous experience. But many do not.

List of Business Ideas for Kids and Teens

Kids and teenagers have more options than ever for launching their own business given the prevalence of internet technologies and online learning.

Remember that 17-year old girl who created a million-dollar website? Then there’s the 7-year old who makes $11 million a year on his YouTube channel.

You might not become a multi-millionaire, but you can certainly earn income and grow your revenue.

Bookmark our site for tips on planning your business, funding itmarketing it, and managing it.

Don’t Forget to Form Your Business

Once you’ve decided to set up a new company, the most important next step is to form your business. Most small businesses set up as an LLC (Limited Liability Company).

This keeps all your assets separate from the company’s, limiting your personal liability while giving the pass-through tax benefits of being a sole proprietor.

The process of forming your company can be really simple. Incfile can handle everything for you for $0 — all you pay is any state fees. Form your company for $0 now at Incfile.