What you can measure, you can improve.

Our diagnostic tools analyze the performance of your company’s 4 main building blocks:


If the MONEY entering and exiting your business could speak, what would it tell you and the company you operate? Being able to interpret your P&L in a sophisticated and not complicated manner, must be done to truly understand how and if your business has the ability to stretch financially.  There are numerous hidden truths in your P&L…


TIME is the largest depreciating asset you have in our business. You simply get 86,400 seconds every day and don’t get to keep any of it, so using this time constructively in your business is critical. Time utilized for your business must be used and interpreted in 3 ways…

The ARCHITECTURE of your business is made up of the various parts, systems, processes and programs that frankly make your business operation work day-in and day-out. This includes but not limited to the company’s people, business development and marketing, sales, logistics and production systems etc.

The LEADERSHIP component of the business is uniquely about YOU and your TEAM. Taking a deep and insightful dive into your overall skills as a business leader/manager is the key to this business building block.  The manner and tone of how you lead your company…

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2016 has proving to be a challenging year for many Alberta business owners. We are seeing commercial and industrial vacancy rates soar, corporate and personal bankruptcies are on the rise, and unemployment is rampant. Many owners are now playing a game of “last man standing”, as their business competitors close their doors day after day.

If this sounds familiar, then it begs the question, “Will YOUR business survive the next 48 months?”


There is an old fable that tells the story of a mighty oak tree that stood for over a hundred years. Finally, it was blown over by a storm. The tree 
fell into the river and floated downstream until it came to rest
 among the reeds growing along the riverbank. The fallen giant asked 
the reeds in amazement, “How is it that you were able to weather 
the storm that was too powerful for me, an oak tree, to withstand?”

 The reeds replied, “All these years, you stubbornly resisted the winds 
that swept your way. You took such pride in your strength that you
 refused to yield, even a little bit. We, on the other hand, have
 not resisted the winds, but have always bent with them. We recognized 
the superior power of the wind and so, the harder the wind blew, the 
more we humbled ourselves before it.”

Always remember to bend with the wind,
 and you won’t be blown over by the storm!

If you’re willing to adapt to new economic climates and make some sensible changes, we’re here to help. We’re all in this together, and as your Business Building Partner, we can show you ways to ensure you weather the storm no matter what. What we often find with our clients, is that they are doing most things the right way, and it’s only a few core areas that are holding them back. At first, this is not so obvious for our clients, but as it becomes clearer, the exhilaration and eye-opening experience is very gratifying for both ourselves and our clients.

From the beginning WORKPLACES has taken the time to understood our business and our expectations and they have crafted a plan to help us achieve those expectations. The team at WORKPLACES has been professional, organized and fun to work with.

Matthew BirchOverhead Door Company

The Workplaces team has been a fantastic asset to my business and subsequent business development. Their professionalism and innovative solutions bring focus to working on my business and allows to bring my business to the next level. I would most definitely recommend Workplaces!

Stephanie Holoien ParksInterior Designer

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