Retain your Talent through Solid Integration


At this stage of the game, a business has invested a significant amount of cash into finding the right talent and ensuring superior performance is achieved when they are on-boarded.

The next step is being able to integrate new employees into the business, not just because it’s the right thing to do for any new employee that is welcomed into a place of business, but it just makes financial sense! Being able to integrate new talent/employees into the business, serves 2 core objectives:

OBJECTIVE 1 – Retention: This is the business’s first kick at the “Retention Can”. If the business’s new employee integration/on-boarding strategy is successfully designed and implemented, being able to retain new talent increases substantially. The days of an employee/s leaving the business after 6 months of employment comes to an abrupt end!

OBJECTIVE 2 – Return on investment (R.O.I): The point of adding any new capital asset to a business, is to support and leverage the business through its introduction. Whether the business has its focus on increased revenues or increased bottom-line efficiencies, both areas are impacted significantly when a successful integration strategy is put in place. Being able to expedite a new employee’s productivity, will not only create significant gratification but also allow this new “human asset” to start producing a return on your investment that much sooner.

As was reflected in the previous section (i.e. Evaluate and Select the Right Talent), understanding what the job really requires for superior performance – both Technically and Culturally – will not only ensure the business boosts its hiring accuracy but also ensures that each and every new employee is integrated into his/her workplace supporting their own unique needs that ensure they become productive in the fastest time possible. This scenario can only enhance the business’s abilities to leverage its top-line revenue and bottom-line efficiency performance.

Being able to contemplate increasing the business’s early retention rate between 80%-100%, starts to become a reality when the significant focus is placed on successful new talent integration.

 Workplaces and HR ALL-IN is on a mission to simplify and bring back common sense, in what new employee integration really means and how this brings expedited productivity and significant return to the business. Doing so, will only result in saving and making the company more money!