Do you find yourself continuing selling people on the features of your product/service and not the benefits of what this product/service can provide your customer? If so, you have not yet grasped the significance of creating anexperience for the buyer. It is important to understand how to integrate and facilitate this kind of conversation as part of your sales process, so you are able to sell with impact.

Selling with impact as part of the sales process includes being familiar with the important details of your product/service. This includes placing an appropriate amount of time into researching the prospective customer’s needs and desires. When you start to align your prospective customer’s vision, experience and expectations with what you have to offer, the potential buyer’s feelings and desires become apparent which will allow you to start selling with impact.

To start the process, help the prospective buyer understand and clearly articulate their pain-points constructing a relatable and engaging solution that can resolve/reduce their pain-points. This provides an individual with the opportunity to see and visualize the benefits your product/service will provide them in resolving/reducing their challenges. This conveyance of your product/service’s full value is called the Unique Value Proposition (UVP).Not only will a strong UVP help you emphasize your product/service’s solution/benefits but helps differentiate your product/service from your competition

Once the prospective customer clearly understands how your product/service provides value/solution to their needs and challenges, it’s time to amplify their desire. Amplifying your prospective buyer’s desire is critical at this stage due to strong feelings and a need of wanting more. At this stage, the individual identifies with your message and shares the pleasant experience your product/service has to offer.

Following these two principles will lead to higher sales conversion rates, greater revenue potential and repeat purchase and referral behaviour you need for yourself and your business.

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