Retain Talent by Growing Talent

It’s a well-known fact that a very clear connection exists between engaged employees, their performance and the performance of the business i.e. profit and revenue. Being able to seize market position and steer business growth through its largest competitive advantage (i.e. its human capital asset), will undoubtedly occur when this asset is invested in.

Once a company has identified what the ingredients are of superior performance and has selected and integrated its talent accordingly, its competitive advantage starts to become a reality! Taking this competitive advantage to the next level and having its second kick at the “Retention Can”, will only occur if the business is prepared to invest in its employees’ growth. This growth may include employee business product knowledge, leadership and management development etc. Either way, developing/growing this capital asset correctly, will only bring business significant and sustainable growth for the business.

Case and point, at one Home-building firm, focused on ensuring they selected the right talent correctly; integrated this new talent and focused on their developmental gaps, subsequently reducing turnover by 75% while boosting sales by 50%.

Another example was a regional hospital, contract-related work stoppage was a symptom of a larger cultural problem. The challenge was to create an engaged workplace where patients benefited from better customer service. In just nine months, the hospital received a Hospital of the Year Award from a national organization. The hospital saved $1.8 million in turnover and associated costs in under a year. (TTI International)

HR ALL-IN is on its mission to simplify and bring back the simplicity and common sense in turning an employee overhead cost into an investment that returns in droves for the business. This is achieved through partnering with businesses to accurately assess their employee performance and productivity, being able to accurately determine where to invest in areas that will save and make the company more money.