One Buck To Make a Difference in your Business

One Buck•


One buck

Less than a cup of coffee. (A lot less if you have an insatiable appetite for Starbucks)

That’s what lead you to read this.

It was, as I said in the video that might have brought you here, a calculated decision. You see, I woke up, and decided that I wanted to put out a very simple message, to attract some attention to my business, and spark a thought in your mind. That thought you had (which, again, lead you to read this), was about only a couple of things: “How do I get a dollar to work like the dollar that he just did?”, or, “Why did he say I could do this with only a dollar?”.

What I did, in my simple way, was to spark some curiosity, BUT, more importantly, to get YOU to take an action. That action (which brought you here), was designed inside the business development (BD for short) and marketing area of my business. Now that BD & marketing plan has, like all businesses, a simple goal: bring in more money.

No, I don’t want you to think that I am only interested in you for the money…

On the contrary, I am interested in you for your BUSINESS.

You see, I fix businesses. That’s what I do for a living. I help business owners to fix up (if its broken), build (if they have never done something before), or grow (they feel like they are stuck where they are).

For me to do my job, I must find a way to attract people to my business. To attract people the right way, is to first understand what it is that people really want, and then (more importantly), understand what they really need.

Once I understand what it is that people want or need when it comes to their business, I can make (hopefully) a smart decision on what I need to do with my business to give it to them.

Also, to attract them…

This is the age-old problem all business has.

How do I get more clients?

Or, being the dramatic type, “Why do I not have more customers!?!! Am I not worthy!!!!!” (It does happen to the best of us sometimes)

So, here it is. The reason why just one buck (hopefully) brought you here. I decided, with a little bit of research, what you wanted, and then I talked to you about it. Online. The way everyone talks to each other these days. I found some marketing ‘stuff’ that fit what I needed to say, and I sent it out into the world.

Here is what I did, very simply. I spent just a dollar putting it out there.

  1. Picked my content (in this case, sales and marketing)
  2. Put together several ideas on the same subject.
  3. Decided on the type of people I wanted to talk to
  4. Used Facebook advertising (which includes Instagram!!) to select my ‘audience’, my target area, age(25-44), job, interests (business owners, CEO’s, etc)
  5. Set my budget at $1.00
  6. Used their publishing tool to build a couple of promos with the same video!!
  7. Set each one of those at $1.00
  8. Wait for you to read this, comment/share/like on Facebook, and ask me how to help!

And here you are. I only ask you to do two things:

  1. IF you want to learn(for REAL), how just a buck can change your business, fill out the form, and let’s talk!
  2. Go back onto Facebook, and Like, Comment, and Share the video

Talk soon.