How To Build Your Dream Team?

There is nothing like a team that is ambitious, driven and passionate about what they are doing. The team members give their 100% for the project. An ambitious and driven team is a dream-team for any organization. It will drive forward core projects for the business. This kind of dream-team will take the most complex problem and provide the best solutions.

So, how do you get the right people and build such a team?

Get Dedicated Team Members

Look out for team members who are dedicated to their job. Whether you are hiring new people or picking from the employees you already have in the office, mark people who are dedicated. The fact is, no matter how ambitious the project or the person is, nothing can replace good old hard work.

Obviously, you want to review the previous work of the potential team members and ensure they do good work. More importantly, the potential team member needs to be greatly intrigued and interested in creating that particular product and achieving the team’s goals. They should like challenges and be able to overcome them.

Good Communication Lanes

You can build a dream team, but they can’t function if there aren’t good communication lines. From a project management software, email system to online video conferencing (if team members are not in town) needs to be set up.

The Right Team Head

You need to pick a team head who combines the facets of a good manager and leader. A manager is good at managing people, ensuring the work is done, while a leader is able to inspire his team to push on forward. The team head will hold the team together through the ups and downs and keep them focused, driven and ambitious.

Empower the Team

Company policy and red tape is the fastest way to frustrate a project team. It can make it difficult to get the required funds or outside equipment that is needed by the team. Ensure your business’s policies find a balance that does not have too much red tape and approval systems that paralyze their functions. You have bought them together to achieve something and you need to give them the power to do so.


Rewards and keeping the team motivated is extremely important when the project can take up months, a year or more to accomplish. Don’t think of rewards in terms of awarding individuals in the team, rather, the whole team needs to be rewarded together.

It can be as simple as outings at the office, gifting each other or company sponsored retreats.
Rewarding the team can work to keeping the team motivated and ambitious.

Less Focus on Results

It will get done when it will get done, as long as the whole team is motivated and working on it. If you put too much emphasis on results, then you will drain the joy out of the job for the team. As long as they are making progressive steps towards achieving the goal within a reasonable time frame, the team will be fine.

Building an ambitious, driven and passionate team is just the start. You have to ensure that they survive and are nurtured so that they can deliver on the targets, so keep these points in mind.