Evaluate and Select the Right Talent

BOOST YOUR HIRING SELECTION ACCURACY BY 93%! The job description purely for recruitment and selection is dead!

Job descriptions do not describe how the job is done and what will make the incumbent successful now and in the future. Using the traditional Job description purely for recruitment and interviewing purposes, will not only create a convoluted picture of what the job really is in reality but create a complex and cluttered evaluation and selection process in identifying the correct candidate for the job. This has and continues to wreak havoc on hiring accuracy and employee retention. Doing this right the first time around will turn employee and business performance into superior and sustained performance!

What’s the alternative?

Being able to understand and articulate the job well is the first critical step. Knowing and being able to explain exactly what the job will require producing superior performance is the “make or break” of accurate candidate selection.

According to Lou Adler’s, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, traditional skill-based job descriptions don’t describe the work that needs to get done but describes the skills a person supposedly needs to have for doing the work.

Building a “Job performance profile” that shows what actually “needs to get done” in the job and how these tasks need to be done in a business’s specific culture, is far more specific and supports all other aspects of human capital management in the business.

If the job could speak to you?

If only a job could speak to us and tell us what it needs to ensure superior performance, we would have most battles won when it comes to really understanding of what we need to support superior business performance.

So how is this done? Using objective methods to build a “Job performance profile” specifying what “technical tasks” and “cultural factors” (i.e. behaviours, motivators etc.) are required to ensure superior performance in the job!

By ensuring the business has covered both sides of the job performance profile (i.e. technical and cultural) will ensure that any business has the opportunity to significantly boost their hiring accuracy and increase employee retention significantly.

Watch the magic unfold!

  • Evaluate your candidates with accuracy you’ve never seen before!
  • Real-life performance and cultural-based assessment/evaluation tools like no other!
  • Assess and discover talent accurately, that can’t be done with traditional methods and with the business’s naked eye.

Workplaces and HR ALL-IN are on a mission to bring world class assessment/evaluation tools to business significantly increasing their hiring accuracy ensuring that company’s hire right the first time around. Doing so, will result in saving and making the company more money!