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Any organization’s sustenance in the market is significantly dependent upon acceptability amongst its takers. Therefore it needs to constantly grow to be at par with the driving forces in the marketplace.

Finding the right talent for your business is a pressing issue every CEO and manager faces today. In today’s highly competitive talent markets, people are without doubt the most valuable resource in any organization.

Whether you are the HR manager or the CEO of your company, managing employees is not something you can ignore. You need to be aware of the toughest employee management problems you could face at the office.

The first time you meet your HR partner, they will never ask you about your employees. They will ask you about you and understanding why you hired them in the first place.

A workplace environment is a location where you will come across all kinds of people. Some of them will be likeable, some will be meh,and some will be annoying. They raise your hackles and you’ll do your best to avoid them.

There is nothing like a team that is ambitious, driven and passionate about what they are doing. The team members give their 100% for the project.

When a company succeeds in generating huge revenues, all stakeholders celebrate. Quite often, employees are completely missed out in this kind of celebration.

Brainstorming is the most potent way for any organization to come up with effective ideas. A brainstorming session is what makes ideation very contagious and every member joins in.

Workplace Romance involves two members of the same organization who experience mutual attraction. As individuals spend increasing time in the workplace, they begin to build relationships with co-workers.

Many organizations have a hard and fast work culture. Employees come in, work hard, complete the work quickly and leave. Much of the training is on the job with various colleagues and managers instructing employees to learn as much as possible.

Whether we’re talking about the top-line, bottom-line, parts inventory, customer service, sales and marketing…we are definitely doing something wrong! So what are we “doing wrong”… our business’s human capital.

For the most over 95% of the Alberta economy is made up of small businesses and yet 85% of these small businesses don’t see their 3rdor at most their 5th year anniversary!

For the last several years, we have all been obsessed – and rightfully so – with being able to find good people to work for our businesses or more specifically, unable to find good people period!

For all the marketing that you engage in for your customers, have you ever thought of what your employees think of your brand?

The Peter Principle is a clever observation of how people are hired or promoted within an organization. It states that people are promoted based on their performance in their current role rather than their ability to perform in their promoted role.

At this stage of the game, a business has invested a significant amount of cash into finding the right talent and ensuring superior performance is achieved when they are on-boarded.

It’s a well-known fact that a very clear connection exists between engaged employees, their performance and the performance of the business i.e. profit and revenue.

BOOST YOUR HIRING SELECTION ACCURACY BY 93%! The job description purely for recruitment and selection is dead!

Job descriptions do not describe how the job is done and what will make the incumbent successful now and in the future.


How can a business manage the productivity of its assets if it can’t measure its net-worth?

Whether we call it movement, transfer, promotion, enrichment etc. the bottom-line is, that just as new employees move into a business, so do present employees move within a business.

Before Managers are promoted, they are used to having limited tasks on their plate. They have bosses who tell them what to do.

This blog goes out to all those passionate and aspiring Human Resource professionals trying to “win over” their business partners and secure that proverbial “seat at the table”.

When reading your blog, it certainly didn’t annoy me as a passionate Human Resources professional for now over 17 years. In actual fact, it reinforced what I’ve always criticized my fellow HR counterparts for years now.

Whether you know it or not, you are all Sales professionals! I am always blown back by someone saying to me that “I am good at being an IT guy, but don’t ask me to sell…I’m terrible at it”.

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