This program works closely with the business owner and the leadership team to build and roll-out a customized Employee handbook consisting of a detailed Human Resources/employee policies and procedures.

This program assesses the level of employee engagement and overall business internal climate in order to understand what needs to be done to make improvements in employee overall engagement and productivity.

This program focuses on designing and building a full Human Resources program to support the company’s administrative and tactical Human Resources needs.

This program focuses on ensuring a company is able to measure employee performance and productivity; provide feedback in an objective and unobtrusive manner for both the employee and the manager.

This program focuses specifically on driving a company’s hiring accuracy geometrically.

Based on a unique 55-factor analysis, Person Profile Builder will help companies discover superior talent, improve communication, reduce turnover and increase overall productivity.

This program breaks all aspects of a company’s team down to it’s basic building blocks, then builds and carves out a new dynamic in the team that can improve the overall team performance.